"Don’t eat with those who will brag about feeding you"

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Nirvana - Sam Smith

i’ll never forget yesterday in Texas. thank you.

DCP: the journey

so i KNOW i haven’t been on in awhile because i’ve had the busiest past few weeks. in short, i finished summer classes while interning/working full-time (8 hours a day), planned/had a going away party, drove 3+ hours to see my immediate family for the first time in 8 months, then drove ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE COUNTRY FROM SOUTH CAROLINA TO CALIFORNIA IN 4 DAYS. 

driving across the country and exploring has been something that i’ve always wanted to do for years now and since i’m doing the Disney College Program in 2 days, i figured now would be the perfect time. i drove 8 hours a day and spent the nights in New Orleans, San Antonio, El Paso and finally made it here to California. along the way, i met so many people, exchanged stories, and just kinda put myself out there and out of my comfort zone. these past few days have taught me so much, not just physically what’s around the country but taught me about myself in new situations. 

interestingly enough, although i was traveling by myself, one of the most important things i learned was self-worth. along the way, someone made realize “hey! i don’t have to deal with dumbasses who treat me like shit in a potential relationship.” i don’t wanna get too into it but just the journey alone getting here has taught me so much about life so i can’t wait to begin working for a huge company in a couple of days. i’m so ready for this. i think every young person should personally travel to one place by his or herself for the experience. thank you, Texas. thank you, southwest region. thank you, West Coast. thank you, America. time to bring what’s next: Disneyland.


When we’re young our parents embarrass us…


But there gets to be a point where we start to embarrass  them… 


the “teens” in the audience probably have no idea what Maid in Manhattan even is

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Robin Williams’ passing is a reminder that those who make us laugh the most are usually fighting the biggest demons.

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MAGIC! - Rude (ft. Kim Kardashian)

follow up to her debut single “Jam (Turn It Up)”